Cross-Country / Downhill / Enduro / Road / FreeRide / BMX
Our Apparel is aimed at cycling fans of all disciplines. 


Ride For The Sake Of It.

Here at Dirt Apparel its all about the ride, the pure essence of getting on your

bike and going where you want to go.  

No rules, no boundaries, no worries, just RIDE FOR THE SAKE OF IT


We strive to produce and supply the finest and freshest cycling apparel and casual wear out there.

Whether you’re into Downhill MTB, Cross Country, Freeride, BMX, Fixed wheel, Dirt Jumping or Road cycling, you will find something you like.  


Our Apparel is aimed at fans of all disciplines. All of our products are Proudly South African. 




South Africa Tel: (+27) 61 782 5950


Hours of Operation:



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